"31 Heroes"

WoD Date: 
Saturday, 26 August, 2017

"31 Heroes"


  • 8 Thrusters (155/105)
  • 6 Rope Climbs (15ft)
  • 11 Box Jumps (30/24)

In teams of two, partner 1 begins AMRAPing the above, while partner 2 runs 400m with a sandbag (45/25). When partner 2 returns from the run, the pick up from where partner 1 left off and continue.

On August 6, 2011, a tragedy shook the military community and Americans everywhere. In a single instance, America lost 30 military service members, many of whom were members of the Navy SEAL community—and one military K9—when an Extortion 17 helicopter was downed in Afghanistan. The 31Heroes WOD (workout of the day) was specifically designed to remember the fallen heroes of August 6, 2011 and honor their legacy of sacrifice.