Sunday Evening Weekly Forecast - Recovery and Focus

A couple things to address. We have been doing some SERIOUS strength work. Serious as in...requires proper recovery and minimal distractions. Some of you have been coming in 3-5 times a week. Which is fantastic and a real testament to your dedication to training. However, I would hope most of you would know that you cannot expect to maintain this type of volume and frequency if you are not properly recovering. Nutrition and sleep are the two variables that will dictate which direction you go. There's pretty much 2 roads. The road to injury, and elevated stress levels. And the road to gains, PR's and overall progress. First off, alcohol. Save it for weekends and the days you don’t train. A lot of important recovery happens during the early stages of your nightly sleep, and alcohol usually disrupts sleeping rhythms which can actually inhibit certain recovery mechanism. And studies have shown a significant decline in recovery in people who consume alcohol during training cycles or workout routines. Also, dehydration. Booze = diuretic = not good for your muscles. I don't like to get preachy. But I do feel it is important that this information is made available and people are properly informed.

Pop…cola...hmmm…probably the one thing I am most adamant about you not consuming. Ever. Shitty sugar shit storm that will wreak havoc on your metabolism. More chemicals than Breaking Bad and, oh yeah, a one way ticket to type 2 diabetes land. Avoid it. Water is a good alternative.

Next, supplements (ie. protein, BCAA's, hydration, omegas, etc.) VERY IMPORTANT. And if anyone wants to play the, "supplements aren't natural" card (again, I am referring to OVER THE COUNTER supplements, so make no mistake about that) then to you I say this: what is natural? Cause I'll tell you right now, running 5K and performing 100 squats and pull ups isn't natural…..neither is running 42k…...or running over a mountain, jumping over fire, and climbing electrically charged barbwire….but it makes you tough as fuck and a better person / athlete. honest with yourself. What do you want out of your training? Well you probably want the best out of your training. So let that happen. Stay injury free. Get your lots of sleep. Get your good food . Get it done.

Secondly, the gym is social. Super social. It's a huge part of Nomadic and the community. I wouldn't change it for anything. It's love. C'mon, we just had what I'm sure was Ottawa's first bachelorette WOD.

Again, here's the flip......during training, especially the more intense sessions, please keep yourselves focused on what is being explained or demonstrated. Furthermore, no one has been doing any of these movements long enough for them to be second nature. So focus on what you are doing, when you are doing it. Usually, a stupid injury occurred because of stupidity.

This week is going to be fun. And if you're freaking out because I just finished that Weightlifting course and you think I'm going to make everyone snatch and clean and jerk and shit all week, you can relax. The weeks are programmed well in advance. However, the days we are lifting, expect to see some new technical stuff on the table. Excited to share, and see everyone this week. Congrats again to all the runners and their incredible efforts this weekend.

-Coach Nez