September Athlete of the Month - Matt Wells


Matthew Wells joined the gym way back. He was one of those guys who just got what we were doing and trusted every move forward. His experience with fitness was like mine: 5 day splits, get swole, arms every day?

Matt's a quiet guy, but don't be fooled by his mellow persona. He's maybe the only other guy in the gym who will straight up smack the floor when he misses a handstand push up and drop an audible F-bomb. Matt will also surprise you with a very unexpected video of an eclipse...not the kind we witnessed a few weeks ago....let's just say this eclipse happens "where the sun don't shine.."...but all jokes aside Matt is a great guy. He's positive and encourages his fellow athletes in the gym. He works his ass off and continues to represent the gym as an "OG". We are proud to have him as September Athlete of the Month!



How long have you been at the gym

Since the beginning.  Jan 2014, I think!

The beginning was 2013...

Ahh.  Just when Nomadic became Wolvish!

2014..who is that girl who comes with you to the gym? Stage 5 clinger?

That would be da boss, Isabel, the love of my life!

How many pets do you have?

5. Gouda the Calico, Weasley the giant Ginger tabby, Frank and Walter the grey tabby chicken shits, and the newest member - Limerick the Great Dane!  Full House!  It's the best!

Is that even legal?

We're at our limit!  There would be more if we could!

What's your favourite thing to see when the WOD is posted?

Barbell work that keeps my feet planted *winks* 

Though lately I've been liking the gymnastics movements more and more!

The next obvious question; what do you dread?

People figure I'd say running - which I do hate - but burpees pal.  

If there are more than 10 burpees, I'm screwed.

What’s your profession? AROO AROO AROO

I'm an Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for an Airborne Geophysics company.  

Prertty much R&D work.

I just googled "R & D" work...

Risky click?

Maybe if I clicked "feeling lucky"..If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you’d buy?

100+ on a lake with a sweet tractor....then some No Bulls.

Anything for me?

Open invite to the rally track on my farm! (Subaru reference)

What's your favourite winter time extra curricular activity?

These days is cross country skiing, but I like snowshoeing too.  

Gonna have to try snowboarding again. I was the worst person on the bunny hill last time I tried.

We can probably arrange a snowboard wod...cause CrossFit.

I'm in!

What’s kept you guys at Wolvish?

The people. 

The atmosphere has always been the perfect balance of fun banter with friendly competition. 

I've steadily improved my fitness over the years, and even when I've left a workout frustrated with something I've done, I've never left angry;  just with a new target for next time.

And that sneaky ass programming that puts one of my favourite 'feet planted' barbell movements on the same WOD as burpees.

Did you play sports in high school? If so, did you start? Benchwarmer? Be honest.

Haha. Truthfully, I didn't do much - drama and band nerd.  

Though I did make the badminton and table-tennis teams! My highschool was really small.

When you were a kid, Cheerios. Regular, or honey nut?

Wheatabix.  Those big nasty loads of shredded wheat.  You could get flowery China with enough UPC codes.

Now as a grown ass man, honey nut

UPC a mail in rebate?

Exactly. I still remember how crazy it was. You could mail in for a tea set. Clearly I wasn't in the target demographic for that shit.

The 90s...


If you re-heat food. Oven or nuke it?

Oven. We Don't even have a microwave in our kitchen. It's in a downstairs cupboard. We bust it out for popcorn on occasion.

Nike or Adidas?

Oohh. Tough. I have both. On the balance, I guess Adidas. I got archy duck feet, Ill take whatever fits.

Can we race our Subarus?

That would be a lot of fun! Hintonburg rally. But we'll probably have to settle for video games.

Or on your post lottery race track?


If John Quinones came up to you in the street, what would you do?

I have no idea who that is.

Actors play out these situations that have real life people morally jammed up, and they capture what people would a group of students hazing freshman, and people walking by like what the fuck are you doing...What's the worst pre-workout supplement you’ve ever taken? Give me details.

Some kind of greens plus energy crap. I tried it twice and got the same results.

Tasted like koolaid and sand and gave me brutal gas. Like, out of both ends.

Sounds solid, I'll give it a go. Wells, you're an awesome dude and an OG of the gym..any last thoughts or shout outs?

Thanks, Coach.  I really look forward to every trip to the gym.  

I've never been in better shape in my life, and I have skills that I never would have considered possible when Isabel and I walked in back in 2014.  

Huge thanks to you and Anj for what you've built, and all the coaches and training partners over the past 4 years!