Picking your weights and setting a goal

As a follow up to Julia Cropley's post about picking your weights and setting a goal for yourself each WOD, I'd like to mention a couple things:

Everyone is progressing. And doing a fantastic job doing so. Just in the past two weeks alone, I've seen more people execute a pull up, connect a kipping pull up/ butterfly / muscle up, and set a new PR. It's outstanding.

As the WODs evolve and become more challenging, you will be faced with new obstacles. It is important to stay humble and constantly strive for that next level. Once you get a taste of "hard work paid off", it gets in your bones. It gives you that confidence that you CAN do it, no matter what.

We've all done it. Hit the low end of our abilities and crushed the WOD the fastest. But we've all also felt that, "shit, I should have gone heavier" feeling. (thanks Jules for your honest post). The article made a great point..you basically have two choices..a path of least resistance that will slowly get you to where you'd like to be, or the alternative, the fucking grueling path that slams you down multiple times, makes you want to quit, and high tail it out the side door. I don't have to say it, but you know which one will get you there quicker. (some exceptions, but hey, we're talking about CrossFit here.)

All in all, WODs will get harder, weights will get heavier, and you will be required to move faster. Don't worry about finishing every WOD. Be more concerned about doing your best.

Familiar quote - "the pain of discipline is temporary, but the pain of regret lasts forever." Never regret your performance in the gym. Instead, take the beating and know you put it all on the line.

The next few months will be awesome for everyone in pushing new limits and redefining their abilities.

Remember, we're wolves, and it's full moon training season!