November Athlete of the Month - Julia Cropley

Julia has been at Wolvish pretty well since it’s inception. She has been a support system for all: members and coaches alike. She is determined and dedicated to her own development, inside and outside the gym. You might see Julia hoisting a mean 300lbs deadlift during a Saturday morning WOD, ripping around Hintonburg in her Mini or out and about with her rockstar husband Tim. In whatever capacity you see her in, she is probably smiling and it is always worth stopping to chat with her. We love ya Jules!


When did you start at Wolvish?

 Omg ....I had to look back in Instagram, but it was around 2013. WOW

I remember my first class when you were still Nomadic, and I seriously thought I was going to die. 


I’d ask you what your favourite lift is, but there is an anticipation factor of ZERO…Squat Snatch?

Squat snatch for never! (I think she’s joking). I loved learning how to clean, and I still remember what felt like my one and only perfect squat clean PR, and I am still trying to figure out what I did right that time…


I remember that day..155lbs?

150, but I appreciate the additional 5lbs!


I think you were using those heavy collars..

Yes, specially designed heavy collars. Big in Russia!


How is it that you have surpassed me in NO BULLS ? 

Well, when you have a goal, and work really really hard....

But seriously,  those jerks keep coming out with new shoes…

I think I got conned by a pair of grey ones that were the same as another pair of grey ones I already had,

but they switched out a different pair of laces. WTF is that?! Rude.


All the shoes….

I do wear all of mine though. I don't keep them in a shoe locker or garage or anything. (buuurn lol)


The coolest thing you owned in your 20s? The most memorable thing.

Coolest thing that happened in my 20s was meeting Iggy Pop at Barrymores. And seeing David Byrne record in NYC.  That stuff was cool. I can't remember owning anything that would be considered 'cool'

OH! I bought a house!


What’s your profession?

I used to be a lobbyist, then I was in high tech investor relations, now I'm a regulator at Transport Canada. Planes trains and ships


A regulator ? Do you control the big red and green traffic lights ?

Ha! My husband wishes!


Describe your fitness journey using 5 adjectives.

Humbling, surprising, personal, shifting, *not done yet* and double unders can go to hell.


If you could be an Animorph, what would you be, and why?

Ok I had to look that up, because old....

But to answer your question, re. Animorphs, I read on the interwebs that this is the ability to turn into any animal you touch, so...

I'm doomed to be any neighbourhood dog #allthepets

Also, dogs seem to have pretty good cardio, and I kinda need that.


You drive a mini…

Yes, 2005 S.

So fun to drive, seriously


Stuck on an island, and you can bring 3 things.. 

And I swear, if you say barbell to deadlift….

Ok so the barbell is already there? Haha! 1) Sunscreen 2) Bug spray 3) Spotify Hawaiian folk songs playlist


Favourite restaurant in Ottawa?

Clover on Bank Street always has amazing food and nice service, and they always remember me when I go in. Really creative, but they don't get tons of press. So good!


Coolest place you and Tim have travelled to?

Tulum, almost 10 years ago, before it became a hipster destination with tons of boutique hotels. We stayed in a palapa. It was a perfect beach town. The hipsters haven't yet discovered Puerto Escondido on the West coast of Mexico yet, because it's harder to get to. That's another favourite, a little surf/fishing town. Tim is really easy to travel with.


Anyone in the CrossFit community you look up to? Or in the fitness world as a whole?

Oh, Shellie Edington for certain. And Elisabeth Akinwale. She is incredible. But also by all the ladies at Wolvish, newbies and older members both. They are so hardworking and cool.


What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Scariest was doing a career reset at 37 and joining the public service, because it was a step back in salary and position, but I needed to do it for my own sanity. That's pretty boring, but....

Craziest was moving out to my own apartment when I was 16


Pancakes or French toast?

Waffles. Dude.


What has kept you at Wolvish this long?

I really love the people that are drawn to Wolvish. Most everyone that comes 

through the doors is friendly, is eager to have fun with their fitness,

and wants to be part of a real community, not just a 'member'.