March Athlete of the Month - Christie Childers

Christie has been a constantly evolving athlete. Attitude? Check. Drive? Check. Cleans? Almost 200.

She’s also hilarious and picks up on the funny gems that fly under the radar…let’s check her out.


When did you start at wolvish?

Feb 2017..the 16th I think. We did the beep test that Day.


Jeez, why'd you come back?

I have no idea, glutton for punishment…Actually I think it was the music, had to come back for that rock!


…you’d fall into the minority on the music front…But I'll take credit for leading that special group of head bangers!

lol, well I walked in and felt like maybe I wasn't hard core enough to be there, but then everyone was so nice that I felt like I could stay and become hard core enough to match the music.


You are definitely hardcore enough, not to mention a badass who decides to do her first local comp and kills it Rx…

How’d that feel?

THAT WAS AWESOME! I definitely tried to play it cool while I was there but I was totally beaming after. I was very proud of me.


Self acknowledgement, that's so great to hear. It’s so important. It’s easy to beat yourself up over this stuff

yes, I hear that a lot. I really just do this for fun and to stay healthy though so I was just happy to be there...I think I came 2nd last so I wasn't gunning to podium or anything which helps to keep it easy breezy


Either way, it was rewarding to watch you out there #proudcoach. Ok, some crazy questions..ready?



Is kale a big part of your life?

No, but I eat it occasionally with lots of dressing.


As one should....what's your dream job?

Research Scientist at a Max Planck Institute...maybe the head of a team of scientists or department if I can..


For a second I thought you meant max core exercise...then quickly googled the Nobel Prize winning physicist...thank you internet..

lol! Well that would be a core institute if there ever was one


That’s all people do there, is plank..for everthing…imagine..haha

sounds like torture to me, planking all day, yikes…18.3 Max Plank...omg, don't tell Castro


He would do that..”outside the parameters”…coolest place you’ve travelled?

Coolest place I have been is to England,  I visited Stonehenge which was very cool.


Have you seen Rocky?

The movies? Yes


At Stonehenge?

lol, there were many rocks there yes


Thank you…what’s your favourite lift?

Snatch, which isn't my best lift, but it feels so cool when you catch a good one.


Favourite restaurant?

ummmmm, I dunno if I can pick.... I really like the Ichiban Bakery on Bank st. ...I am definitely more of a coffee and baked good person than dinner person.....Well, no I do really like The Works for a burger….but I mean, I like all is the best.


Food is the best…you know what’s also the best? Sky diving? Ever been?

Hard no, have you?


Hey, this isn't about me. Your the athlete of the month champ...but yeah I have, with Kidd a few years ago after running a Spartan Race in Montreal at Mont Tremblant, and we both did really well but Mark couldn't walk for 2 years following and the drive to skydiving was really long and hard cause the Spartan race was really long and hard and it was just a great time….you like cheese?….some people are crazy about cheese.

yes, both on pizza and in movies, but I am not going to chase it down a hill or anything.


What would you chase down a hill?

people chase cheese in England, it's a thing


Please answer the question..

lol, I would chase my brother on skis down a hill's been a slice...we've shared a few laughs and really given the readers a deeper insight into Christie Childers..on the's a been great having you at Wolvish. You've got a great vibe, positive attitude and you like my's to another year of fitness ! Last words?

lol Thanks.. I am really happy to be part of the community. I hope more people can join and have as much fun as I have.