June Athlete of the Month - David MacLennan


This guy is solid. I usually have a good sense of people and when this dude walked into the gym, I knew he was gold. Especially when I started calling him "Dave" and he corrected me and stated "It's David"....let's go.


Please state your name, age, and occupation. Feel free to include anything else to let these fine folks know you is!

"ahem"David Andrew MacLennan, 38 years of age, I work a day job in personal wealth management, and I'm an army brat hailing mostly from the mean cul de sacs and boulevards of Orleans.

An army brat hailing from the mean cul de sacs of Orleans...brilliant. Where else do you minimally hail from?
I've called Toronto, Petawawa, Pembroke, Kingston (twice), Brussels and Antigonish home.

What attracted you to CrossFit?

Mostly the hour or so of YouTube Crossfit videos loaded with babes I watched for six months or so before starting ... Seriously though, I saw that regular people were doing this thing in my neighbourhood that makes people really fit and I wanted in.


What’s your fave thing about CrossFit?

Honestly my favourite thing about CrossFit is new people in the class. I enjoy supporting, encouraging, high fiving, and welcoming those people. I was there and I remember the people who reached out to me and let me know that I belonged. That encouraged me to keep coming back. #realtalk


And that’s why your AOTM man; it’s truly about an environment that people feel welcome, safe, and supported in. And the community at Wolvish upholds that super well.

#realtalk..you like R Kelly?

I don't see nothing wrong with it....... A little bump'n'grind, that is.

Ya lost me bro..

Dude that's like R Kelly's first hit. Do the knowledge…


Dave 1 

Me 0


All I know is I caught the L at Wodktoberfest '17


Caught the L ?


Loss. We were in the same heat.


Dave 2

Me 0

Okay enough hood talk....you a clean eater? Or do you eat cleans?

Could be cleaner in the kitchen, but I've been known to cycle a barbell.


Boss response. What about dat' snatch doh' ? You even Isabel ?

I love snatching, but took about a year off of Olympic lifting before I started training at Wolvish. If we're talking girls, Grace has been mine since day 1.




Dude on Saturday ... I wore my Wu-Tang hoodie to the gym ... A little concerned if a 38 year old man should be seen in public like that ... Then you walked through the door sporting the Wu-Tang cut-off - my people 


That’s awesome David...let’s be honest...I bomb atomically...

Did you just lyrically perform armed robbery?




What do you do outside the gym, and work ?

Extra-curriculars include: I play in the National Capital Baseball League, I am a bit of a geek for movies - sci-fi and anything that speaks to the teenage experience, and I spend an inordinate amount of time at the Nike Store.


You looked into NA?


Nerds Anonymous? Narcotics Anonymous? Man I don't do hard drugs.


Nike Anonymous. Should be a thing.

What’s your dream whip ?

I'd really like to own a Jeep Wrangler, no doors, no top. All black everything. I sunburn though.


I see it.....and the sunburn.



Favourite Games Athlete?

Fikowski on the men's side ... Such a goofball and an absolute monster. A lesser known team athlete named Kelsey Kiel on the women's side - she's the best part of my IG feed aside from Wolvish 4:30 IG stories


Fikowoski hundopee.

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Dark chocolate and red wine ... Because antioxidants


You drink Coke Zero?

Man I was having this Coke Zero chat just last night. Yes to Coke Zero - it's R.P. (Renaissance Periodization) approved, but is probably also the new smoking.


Do you smoke ?

Negative, Ghost Rider


Imagine though?

I get winded during general mobility. Can't be out here hacking darts.


You're a champ David. Always a positive attitude, always smiling, throwing around high fives  like they're going outta style, and you work your ass off in the gym. Thanks for being our June Athlete of the Month..any last words? Shout outs? Kanye?

I moved to Little Italy started training at Wolvish in February and was pretty heartbroken to leave my old gym after five years. I knew it would be challenging to make new friends in a new Crossfit community. But, being outgoing and positive is way more fun than being a dick.

Thanks to you and everyone who has made me feel at home at Wolvish. 

One day when I grow up, I plan to have an engine like Joel Richards, beat Anjali Benimadhu in a foot race, and grow a beard as fierce and powerful as Raza Anwar.

Everyone have a great month of training in June.