Goals (part 1), reflection and mental preparation

Looking back

The Open is a little more than three months away and people are starting to talk about it.

We affiliated in January 2014 and had over twenty people registered for the open in February. I was very pleased to see how enthusiastic people were about the whole thing. We all had an idea of how it was going to go, but I think the whole experience turned out differently for everyone, myself included.

We really enjoyed the unveiling parties. Definitely a highlight. The first workout announcement ”14.1 is a 10min AMRAP…..of…..double unders and snatches…

Steve, what’s a snatch? Double what? It seems so trivial now, but it’s amazing how far everyone has come. And not just for those who participated in the Open, but everyone else, who at the time had no idea they would find themselves getting super pumped to give it a shot in 2015!  A very contagious energy.

I think it was a great way for Wolvish to make its CrossFit debut. “Okay, we’re going to kick off CrossFit in January, and then enter our first competition….sorry, GLOBAL competition in February. Sound good? Okay great. Let’s do it.

I believe this really helped with our transition from bootcamps to CrossFit. It gave people some insight into the sport, and also gave them a taste of competition. Working out became more than just coming in and getting a sweat on. People began to see the potential in their fitness. They began to set goals (more on goals in the next post...much sooner. I promise)

Everyone remembers how gnarly the Open workouts were. And no one can forget the cheering crowds that came to support all the participating athletes. I remember when 14.5 wrapped up. People were happy it was done, but also kinda bummed cause they had to wait a whole year to do it again. Well, as I mentioned earlier…it’s only a few months away…..and a few months will fly by. Here’s what I’d like to put out there as some food for thought as the 2015 Open season approaches.


Three or four months out. Now is the time to start figuring out what you’d like out of the Open this year. For first timers, the notion of simply participating and gaining more experience is a terrific goal. We all remember the first “3…2…1…GO”  before starting one of those insane workouts. This is definitely an important milestone. For others, the ante is upped; improving their overall placement, or creating a little “sub-competition” with other athletes. Whatever the goal, make sure you have one. 


We all slack here and there in one area or another. Too much time away from the gym, not eating the greatest, or just general laziness. Hey, it’s cool. It happens, life happens. But here’s a great opportunity to kick shit into gear and start planning for the season. Preparing for competition can involve several areas of focus and commitment ie. nutrition, rest, training program, etc.

I’d like to highlight mental preparation.

The AVERAGE Open WOD time is around 10.8 minutes. (if you add all the WOD times together from 2012 and 2013, you’ll get 54 minutes. I approximated for the “as long as possible WODs). The point is, you need to be able to give’r hell for those 10 minutes. Motor. All gas. No break. Get uncomfortable, and stay there. Staying strong and going hard when you are in your most uncomfortable state. That is the Open.

What is the “uncomfortable state” ? It’s basically anytime your mind says that’s enough. It is at that moment you need to ignore that little voice and keep going. This is something you can train. But it takes a lot of will power.

The Open workouts will test this domain more than any other. The WODs are never overly heavy and don’t usually call for things overly complex ie. pistols, HSPU’s or 1RM anything. (Castro mentioned a few changes for the 2015 season that may contradict what I'm saying now. I'm referring to past Opens.)

They involved simple bodyweight movements (box jump, burpee, pull up) and lighter, sustainable barbell efforts (225# deadlift, 55# snatch). Not to downplay those two variables, because they are usually cooked into a spicy little stew that demands ten minutes of your blood, sweat and tears.

As the Open approaches, you will see more and more of this type of programming. Start training and prepping your mind for those gruelling all-out efforts. Remember. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


I love the training, the WODs, the passion, the push, the pull, the hurt, the gain, and the individuals that make up all that wonderful glory we know as community. I love seeing people achieve things they never thought were possible. I spent a lot of time in fitness clubs and would actually laugh at most of the stuff I was surrounded by. Girls “toning” their arms (spot reduction, haha), guys spending the full hour contorting their bodies on ab machines with the false hope they were going to get shredded six packs. F*** all that. This is where it happens. The gains. The PRs. The comradery. The magic.

In just eight months we have seen extraordinary things. Here’s a few just to mention:

  • women pulling and squatting their body weight and heavier! (and as a residual effect, getting jacked) 
  • individuals entering local competitions and doing awesome (in some cases their first competition EVER!!)
  • people becoming more conscious about what they put in their bodies.
  • Anj’s return from her post pushing out our daughter. (I had to babe)
  • individuals coming in before class and practicing different skills and working their weaknesses.

    Start setting those goals for 2015 people! It's going to be another great year.