Don't bullshit your WOD scores. Here's why.

I have read a number of articles that discuss white boards, scoring and other tracking related data used to gauge people's performances. They all basically say the same thing: when you cheat your score, you are only cheating yourself. I'm sure others have mentioned this as well, so by no means am I taking credit for this thought: but you cheat your peers when you cheat your score.

Your score is a reflection of your work capacity and ultimately how hard you busted your ass during the WOD. This requires little explanation and it boils down to common sense and integrity. If I lie about my score, I am intentionally undermining the score of another athlete and discrediting his/her performance.

It is not about being the best in the group; it's about being the best you can be. There is no doubt, competition exists, inside, and outside the gym. Competition is healthy, as long as it's honest.

The top athletes in the gym do not look down on people who are slower or not as strong as they are. They encourage them, support them, and motivate them through thick and thin. The same courtesy should be granted up the line. When your chin doesn't get over the bar, or your wall ball does not clear the line, don't count it. Sure, someone else got 50 more reps than you. So what? They've worked for it.

Instead, look, listen, learn, and apply. Watch how they work, ask questions, take a chance, and move forward. Remember, it's not about perfection. It's about progression, and in the grand scheme of things, honest progression will make you a better athlete.