Dodge. Duck. Dip. Dive.....Dogde?

Do you hate snatching?

Do you hate running?

Do you hate rowing?

Do you hate burpees?

It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you tackle all of those movements weekly. Don’t dodge the shit you dislike. There’s a reason you don’t like it. And it’s most likely because you’re not good at it.


Did you know there is no other movement that requires more domains than the snatch. Power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, strength, speed, and accuracy….There's 8/10. Snatching will make you a better athlete, and arguably, a better human.


There are reasons burpees are so devastating..beyond the obvious.

There was a study on how the burpee was such an effective exercise and it’s ability to jack up your metabolic rate is unparalleled. Your body is so fantastic at adapting to whatever it is your doing - sometimes too good. 

The study discussed running vs. burpees. When you run, your body focuses it’s efforts on supplying blood flow to your legs and lungs. Steady state stuff that permits the body to simply set cruise control and coast. Adaptation complete. 

With the burpee, your body is literally being thrown to the ground, then tossed back in the air, usually tens of times very quickly. This is a very hard thing for the body to adapt to. When you hit the deck, your chest, arms, and midline hit the brakes to decelerate your body. Then, within a split second, the same muscles are sending you back to a standing position, with the assistance of the lower half, propelling you back into the air for the jump portion…then repeating….again and again.

It’s fair to say, burpees challenge the body, and mind, in a much different way than any other body weight exercise. So when you see a 5 minute AMRAP, with a 50 burpee buy in, and say to yourself “I’d MAYBE get the burpees done, but there’s no way I'll even get to the barbell”…be satisfied knowing that you’re still getting a good workout with you’re hitting 50 burpees faster than a rabbit gets f…….


If you’ve seen a class finish a 2K vs. seeing a class finish a 5K…they might look similar…as in…probably rolling around on the floor in agonizing pain…but the feelings during those pieces are much different.

Rowing will challenge your ability to maintain levels of output that make you want to turn yourself inside out and show your fellow athletes your Thanksgiving dinner…

Every time we row, I remind everyone to maintain a pace that will challenge them. A pace that holds you accountable. It’s easy to sit on a rower and just pull for 20 minutes. Just like it’s easy to go for a “run”, and literally get passed by people walking. Working a pace that makes you uncomfortable is the key. It’s a hard mark to establish, but again, if it was easy, we’d all have insane 2Ks and sub 5 minute miles.


When you see things on the WOD page that you know you struggle with, rather than think there is no point in attending, think the opposite. There is always a reason and a rationale behind these workouts and movements. Behind the burpee, hides a menacing metabolic monster of muscle recruitment that will actually make you more explosive and improve your body awareness.That 20 minute row, hovering 3-5 splits above your 2K pace, is aerobic anarchy. It has a direct correlation to most workouts we do and lends itself to assist in your ability to work harder and longer.

Don’t WOD dodge. Not only cause it hurts your fitness. It hurts my (Nez) feelings.


Coach Nez.