December Athlete of the Month - Sasha Katz

Sasha joined the gym about six months ago. I have to say, Sasha is one of the most attentive and receptive athletes I've coached. You can tell when people are listening versus when they just hear you. Sasha listens and applies what she learns. She's got a great work ethic, both inside the gym and out. Let's check her out..



How did you hear about the gym?

My mom told me about it and I thought it’d be fun!


Your mom actually started here first, right?

Well we started at the same time and then I continued on.


I wonder if she had of stayed, maybe she’d be athlete of the month, and not you…

Hahaha maybe! I’ll let her know that she would’ve had a shot. *laughs*


So before we go on, can we talk about how you raised over $5000 for CF-24?

Actually it was over 1000$ lol. And I’ve always loved fundraising! You just got to send out a lot of emails and social media definitely helps these days. I’ve got experience from other events like relay for life, so I guess you could say I’m a professional fundraiser.


$5000, $1000, either way, it’s a tremendous effort and a lot of people are super grateful. Side note: when I do Movember next year, wanna team up? You don’t have to grow a moustache, I’ll do that. You just send the emails. Deal?

Sounds like a plan! You do all the hard work!….also, I feel like a moustache would be really itchy.


Yeah, the first week sucks. Given that you’re “newish”, tell us something interesting about yourself.

I’m just a typical university student who joined Wolvish to try to avoid the freshman 15 lol. I’ve got 2 little dogs, love watching hockey (GO SENS GO!) and played a bunch of sports growing up. That’s pretty much it. Hope that’s interesting enough.


Haha, the freshman 15.  What are you studying?

No joke, it’s a real thing. Haha. I’m currently studying Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. So maybe I’ll be your chiropractor or physiotherapist or massage therapist one day...


I’ll probably need it both…k, here comes the non-sense part of the interview…ready? 



Apple or Samsung?

Apple for sure. I’m a Apple fan girl. #noshame


Apples or Oranges?

Gotta switch to oranges. Yummy.


… these days…no loyalty…do you remember beta machines?

Ummm not ringing a bell. Should I know what that is?


They preceded the VHS…haha…

Ohhh I think I’m too young for that hahaha


Definitely, what’s your horoscope ?

I’m a Capricorn! Definitely the best horoscope in my unbiased opinion.


Is that the mermaid one?

Noooo... pretty sure it’s a goat lol


Favourite benchmark workout, thus far?

Don’t even know if this is a benchmark workout but Grace was one of my favourites because it was my first Rx wod!


You’re darn right that’s a benchmark! Killer work on the Rx. Least favourite exercise?

Gymnastics is not my forte. One of the many goals I have for 2018 is to get a pull up!


Boom. Thanks for your commitment to the gym. You’ve been a fantastic addition to the community! Any last words?

Thank you! Wolvish has honestly changed my life in the best way possible. I’m very grateful.  I was surprised to be athlete of the month because there are so many other incredible people/athletes at the gym! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!